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Welcome to our site for atypical Musical Instrument treasures

Our experience in building reed instruments with saxophone-like sound characteristics dates back to the end of the seventies...since then our ambition is to create instruments, incorporating a balance of durability, excellent intonation and the right fun factor to motivate the player.All our instruments are built from well seasoned, proven quality harvest of different bamboo varieties of south-east asian origin.
With an expertise in building and setting up strohviolins dating back to the end of the nineties, Indochinamusic can claim it's share in creating new interest in these nearly forgotten unique instruments.Since discovering one example of this "weird" string instrument in Myanmar in 1998, we have come a long way to re-engineering many of it's  features found in its early replicas, like replacing it's former teakwood neck to quality maple, simple guitar tuning heads to precision ebony pegs,tinted softwood fingerboards to AAA-grade ebony wood etc.

So, if you are interested  in not only weird conversation objects but in  playable quality've come to the right place

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4-string strohviolin aluminium parts

4-string strohviolin aluminium parts



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